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  • VancouverMain

    Throwback Thursday Travel Edition: Vancouver

    A little more than two years ago, Craig and I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the wedding of two dear friends. I hadn’t been to Canada for an extended trip since…

  • DailyEight51

    The Daily 8

    I’m still in recovery from my cooking marathon yesterday. I made my pesto and tomato couscous, quinoa tabouli and, of course, that dill pickle soup. Now, we just need to eat…

  • PickleSoupMain

    Small Kitchen Missions: Dill Pickle Soup

    Dill pickle soup. You’ve probably never heard of it before and are now scratching your head wondering why anyone would do such a thing. Just trust me here. This soup is a…

  • FiestaMexicana1

    A Fiesta at Sunset

    The suggestion we wouldn’t be able to find Mexican food in Japan is just the plate of crow we keep on eating. Not only have we found delicious Mexican cuisine here in…

  • FavoriteCandy

    6 Happy Sights

    This weekend, the temperature cooled off to bearable levels and the rain disappeared. It was perfect weather for a long weekend. We stayed busy running errands, planning our trip…


    The Daily 8

    Our trip to Kyoto is booked and now it’s time to start planning activities. The area is known for all its temples and shrines, so I’m…


    The Daily 8

    Well, today I failed on my walk-Craig-to-work plan, but for good reason. I had a straight up type-A attack and was up until 2 a.m. making…


    The Daily 8

    Today is a national holiday in Japan  — Keirō no Hi, or Respect for the Aged Day — so we’re enjoying an extra long weekend and planning a…


    The Daily 8

    So, my sister gave my an assignment this morning. She wants me to head to Ōkunoshima, with is known as”Rabbit Island,” and experience this madness: It…


    The Daily 8

    Another day, another Netflix obsession. As of late, I’m hooked on New Girl. Must break away from the TV. Amid the constant witty banter in background,…


    The Daily 8

    Today is off to a great start because I just signed up for my first Japanese cooking class! A fellow expat has a friend coming to…


    The Daily 8

    I started the day today with a simple win: getting mail redelivered. I know you’re laughing, and that’s fine, but I’ll take any expat win I…


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    A Lifestyle Blog With an Expat Twist.

    A Lifestyle Blog With an Expat Twist.


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